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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that The Moving Booze is a 'dry hire' mobile bar service, and how does it work?

Being a 'dry hire' service means we supply the mobile bar, professional bartending staff, and all necessary bar equipment, but the alcohol is provided by you, the client.

This setup allows for maximum customization and budget savings, as you can select your own alcohol brands. To simplify your planning, we provide a detailed shopping list based on your custom drink menu, guest count, and event duration, ensuring you purchase the perfect amount.

How can The Moving Booze assist us in crafting a custom drink menu for our event?

Whether it’s creating signature cocktails, offering sophisticated mocktails with homemade syrups and fresh juices, or advising on classic choices, we're here to bring your beverage vision to life.

Can you provide budget-friendly suggestions for our drink menu?

Absolutely! We offer tailored suggestions to help you make the most of your budget without compromising on quality or experience. Our team will guide you through selecting cost-effective options that impress and satisfy your guests.

How is your item selection process?

Our a la carte system allows you to customize your package to meet your exact needs. Choose from bartender-only services, bartender and satellite bar setups, our unique beer trailer, additional servers, ice delivery, and non-alcoholic beverage packages featuring handcrafted syrups and fresh juices.

We also offer cups, napkins, and ice packages for complete convenience. During your free consul call our expert will guide you and send a proposal tailored just for you and your event that will include all needed for you to have a seamless bar service!

How do we ensure we purchase the right amount of alcohol?

We provide a comprehensive shopping list tailored to your event, ensuring you’re perfectly stocked with the right amount. Our aim is to make your bar service seamless and stress-free.

What options do we have if we want to include non-alcoholic beverages?

We offer a wide range of non-alcoholic options, including mocktails or low ABV options. Our goal is to ensure all your guests have delightful beverage choices.

How does the dry hire aspect of your service work?

As a dry hire service, you supply the alcohol, and we provide the service and presentation. This approach allows for personalized alcohol selection and often results in cost savings, making your event’s bar service distinct and tailored to your preferences.

What's required from us to set up the mobile bar at our venue?

We’ll need a designated space for the bar setup, access to power (if necessary), and a point of contact at the venue. We coordinate all logistics in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient setup on the day of your event.

How do we book The Moving Booze for our event?

Booking us is simple—book a consultation call with one of our experts via our website. This short 10-minute call allows us to answer all your questions and offer tailored recommendations for your special event.

Based on this conversation, you'll receive a customized proposal, and we'll reserve your date for three days, giving you time to make your final decision without feeling rushed.

Is The Moving Booze licensed and insured?

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured, ensuring that every aspect of our service is professional, safe, and up to the highest standards. You can rest assured knowing your event's bar service is in responsible and capable hands.

Can The Moving Booze handle both small and large gatherings?

Yes, we cater to events of all scales, from intimate housewarming parties to grand festivals. Our flexible service model and experienced team allow us to provide the same high-quality, personalized bar service regardless of the event size. Whether you’re hosting a cozy gathering or a large-scale celebration, The Moving Booze is equipped to make your event a memorable one.

Does The Moving Booze offer cocktail workshops?

Absolutely! Our cocktail workshops are perfect for groups of 10-25 people looking for a unique and engaging experience. Each 90-minute class is designed to teach participants how to craft 2 different cocktails, with the option to focus on low ABV drinks, mocktails, or classic cocktails.

Alongside the hands-on practice, we also provide valuable recommendations for setting up your home bar. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our workshops are a fun way to dive into the world of bartending and enjoy some delicious creations while having fun with your favorite people!

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